1972 Lancia Fulvia Test Drive Shows Why Stellantis Needs To Revive The Italian Brand

<1972 Lancia Fulvia Test Drive Shows Why Stellantis Needs To Revive The Italian Brand>

In time, it grew into a local attraction. Both tourists and residents snapped selfies with it, and the vehicle even got a marker on Google Maps. Tourists can thus easily find it, take photos of it, and so on.

This all went on until October 20, 2021, when the Lancia Fulvia was picked up by the organizers of a classic vehicle motor show, where it was displayed alongside other classic vehicles. From there, the 1962 Lancia Fulvia will undergo a full restoration.

At this point, you are probably wondering what is going to happen to the vehicle once it will be fully restored. Well, this is the part where the story goes full-on wholesome, as local authorities have decided to place the restored vehicle in the garden of the Cerletti Enological School.

The institution is right across from the home where Angelo Fregolent, who is now 94 years old, resides. This way, the Lancia's owner will get to see the vehicle every time he looks out the window of his home, as he has done for the past 47 years or so.

With that in mind, it is impressive to see that the car has not been seriously damaged in an accident, as it is rather close to the street. We also find it admirable that nobody vandalized the seemingly abandoned vehicle, which goes to show the level of civilization in the small Italian town.

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